Microsoft’s complaints: Google refusing Windows Phones full access to YouTube and more!

Microsoft has decided to file a formal complaint with the European Commission as part of the Commission’s ongoing investigation into whether Google has violated European competition law.

The filing of the complaint is being necessitated due to several concerns which Microsoft has raised:

YouTube has put in place a growing number of technical measures to restrict competing search engines from properly accessing it for their search results.  Without proper access to YouTube, Bing and other search engines cannot stand with Google on an equal footing in returning search results with links to YouTube videos.

In 2010 and again more recently, Google blocked Microsoft’s new Windows Phones from operating properly with YouTube. Google has enabled its own Android phones to access YouTube so that users can search for video categories, find favorites, see ratings, and so forth in the rich user interfaces offered by those phones.  It’s done the same thing for the iPhones offered by Apple, which doesn’t offer a competing search service. Unfortunately, Google has refused to allow Microsoft’s new Windows Phones to access this YouTube metadata in the same way that Android phones and iPhones do.

Google is seeking to block access to content owned by book publishers.

Google is even restricting its customers’—namely, advertisers’—access to their own data.

One of the ways that search engines attract users is through distribution of search boxes through Web sites.  Unfortunately, Google contractually blocks leading Web sites in Europe from distributing competing search boxes.

Finally, we share the concerns expressed by many others that Google discriminates against would-be competitors by making it more costly for them to attain prominent placement for their advertisements.

Full read at Microsoft on the Issues.

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