Microsoft’s Project Rome to bring cross-platform app communication

Microsoft is working on something known as Project Rome, and it is designed to allow for cross-platform app communication. With this platform, it should be possible for users to jump from a Windows 10 Mobile app to one that is situated on a Macbook Air.

The overall aim is to eliminate protocol boundaries and increase communication between various platforms. The origin of Project Rome came from the SmartGlass app for Xbox. To get it up and running, just install it on your device, irrespective of the platform you’re using. Once the app has been launched and running, users can then transfer the current state to other devices and continue working from there.

Project Rome

Project Rome

Let’s attempt to break this down in simpler terms.

Imagine being at school with your Windows 10 Mobile device. You’re in front of the whole class and ready to dive into an important presentation. However, something terrible just happened; your smartphone battery life is lacking the resources to go through with the presentation. No problem, just transfer the current state of the presentation to another device and continue down the line of getting that pass mark.

According to Microsoft, the reason for creating Project Rome is mainly because computer and mobile users tend to jump between different operating systems in a single day.

The software giant also said, the user is the key element here when it comes down to developing apps around Project Rome:

“This makes retaining users a tough problem to solve Project Rome enables the app developer to pivot on the devices, apps, platforms (Windows, Android, iOS) and the cloud. App developers can design their apps around the user, thus empowering human centric experiences that evolve with an understanding of the individual’s needs.”

For those who are interested in learning more about Project Rome, watch this video from Channel 9.

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