Microsoft’s ‘Tech Talent for Good’ program raises record-breaking $117 million

Microsoft always makes sure that they help make this world a better place to live. Hence, Microsoft involves itself in a lot of such activities where the main aim is to solve world’s biggest and toughest problems. In order to do so, Microsoft has started a program named ‘Tech Talent for Good’. Under this program, Microsoft’s employees were able to raise a record-breaking amount of $117 for various non-profits and schools around the world.

Tech Talent for Good

Tech Talent for Good Program

Through the Tech Talent for Good program, Microsoft aims to help the non-profit organizations to solve the biggest challenges they face when they try to help the world. One of such problems is lack of IT support in their community work. With the Tech Talent for Good program, Microsoft encourages their employees to use their technical knowledge in supporting these non-profits. With such IT support, non-profits can do more good in their communities.

However, Microsoft’s helping help doesn’t stop at that point. The Tech Talent for Good program also increases their employees’ impact by offering monetary donations. Under this scheme, the company offers a donation $25 for each hour spent by each employee in offering technical expertise help to these non-profits. That means, if an employee offers 4 hours of community help (by offering is technical expertise), then Microsoft will donate $100 to the non-profit. Thus, the organization gets double help; one being the technical help from the employee and another being the financial help from Microsoft against each hour spent by the employee.

Microsoft mentions the amount of money raised by the company’s employees through the Tech Talent for Good program.

“In 2014, Microsoft employees raised a record-breaking $117 million for nearly 20,000 nonprofits and schools around the world, including $60 million for nearly 5,000 organizations in Washington State. This reflects another year of continuing growth and it’s the fourth year in a row that our employees, together with the company’s match, raised more than $100 million to support nonprofits and schools. It is an honor to share the generous contributions of our employees and a privilege to extend our resources in a new way to the local communities where we live, work and play.”

Finally, such programs are a part of Microsoft’s passion of changing the world. Read the complete story on the Microsoft’s official blog.

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