Microsoft’s US smartphone market share dip again, Blackberry bleeds

The latest figures from research firm ComScore, a leader in measuring the digital world, indicate trouble for Microsoft and Blackberry smartphone business as both see dip in their US smartphone market share for the second consecutive month. The May 2013 figures apparently is a close repetition of April 2013 numbers, which was released in the first week of June 2013,

Latest numbers from online survey show that Blackberry and Microsoft are losing share in the US smartphone market. Microsoft’s market share was down to 3.0 percent, a critical 0.2% loss from the earlier 3.2%. As usual Apple was still ranked as the top smartphone manufacturer with 39% while Android was ranked #1 smartphone platform with a market share of 52 percent.

For Blackberry, the slide has only continued and worsened with its market share seeing the worst dip to 4.8% compared with Feb 2013 numbers of 5.4%.

Apple still the King of Smartphone OEM Market

ComScore figures confirmed Apple consolidating its #1 position in the Smartphone OEM market capturing a staggering 39.2% of US smartphone users, a figure up 0.3% percentage points since Feb 2013.

microsoft blackberry

Samsung’s market share was up by 1.7% points to 23 percent while HTC, Motorola and LG were all down by some percentage point as per the figure disclosed.

Blackberry, the biggest loser in Smartphone Platform Market Share

microsoft blackberry

Android continues to be the top smartphone platform in May with an increased market share of 52.4 percent. Apple stood second with 39.2 percent market share followed by Blackberry, Microsoft and Symbian. However it was blackberry that stood out with the worst numbers. Down to a market share of 4.8% the bad time for Blackberry continues having reported a loss of $67 million in the last quarter and the share prices experiencing a heavy beating from investors.

With Android and Apple enjoying a comfortable lead over competitors it’s a fight of the #3 that will be fought between Blackberry and Microsoft over the coming months.

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