Microsoft’s new video on Googlighting pokes fun at Google Apps

Microsoft has released a new video accusing Google of Googlighting. Now if you are not familiar with this term,, a Microsoft website, explains it as: Googlighting is what happens when the world’s largest advertising business tries to sell productivity software on the side.

Like the Mac vs PC ads and the GMail Man ad which Microsoft had released some time back, this ad too is pretty amusing to watch.

The video clip takes a pot-shot at the Google Apps part of Google’s business, which accounts for a mere 0.5% od the search giant’s total revenue, and tries to point out that the company is generally failing to build and deploy solutions which meet a wide range of business needs, unlike Microsoft’s own Office 265, which it says is a far superior option.

The single, biggest difference between our approach and Google’s is expertise. Don’t get me wrong. The folks at Google are smart. Without any experience in developing business tools, they rebranded their consumer e-mail and embedded it with a few web applications, and “Voila!” there was a “business” offering. The problem is that retrofitting consumer apps for businesses doesn’t work very well.

When Google began developing productivity tools, they banked on the fact that their web roots would give them instant credibility. However, as they quickly discovered, announcing new customers is one thing, deploying and keeping them is another. So after almost five years in the market, why has Google struggled to attract less than 2% of the market, say a blog post on

Ever since Google announced its new Privacy Policy, Microsoft seems to have gone on the offensive, and this video appears to be just more attempt at trying to compare its Office 365 offering, favorably against Google own.

Ironically, the video has been hosted on Google’s YouTube website. But it has now been taken down.

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  1. Gizmo Gaga

    Making fun of Google, Uploading it on YouTube, YouTube owned by Google, Lol truestory.jpg, “Microsfot looks smarter when they’re mouths are shut.? :D”

  2. The Windows Fan

    Holy Shit 😀 look at the comments Lolz Ha Ha…
    Anyway Google always rocks & Microsoft is proving it by posting shits like this….?

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