Millions of computer are not running up-to-date antivirus, says Microsoft

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  1. Might help if MS stopped definition updates for Security Essentials being optional (and therefore not automatically notified to users) then, mightn’t it?

  2. Nothing surprising there… in my personal experience troubleshooting PCs I noticed long ago that the average PC user ignores updates and simply clicks nag notifications out of the way if and when they appear.
    System updates are usually far behind, AV updates are behind, and their browsers are usually clogged with toolbars because they never bother to read installation screens closely and prevent them from being installed. Of course publishers know this, and that is why so many toolbars and such are piggybacked on installation software with the default set to INSTALL.

  3. The only caveat to the article is that silent mode isn’t truly silent… the Essentials windows opens and remains on the desktop until you close it. But that is a trivial annoyance.

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