Which Mobile Manners do you hate the most, asks Microsoft

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  1. Is there such a thing as a ‘I hate MS
    Windows’ club? If there is, I want to join it. If there isn’t, I
    want to start it. Apparently there is, but guess what? It’s full of
    MS techies, techies talking techy, never saying anything essential
    significant or remotely relevant to the average user – the
    mere 99% of us living in the real world. Like doing things without
    first asking permission. Like calling something an update when it’s
    actually a mistake. Like launching background programs that steal
    memory time and processing power from the rightful owner. Like
    stealing and then distributing personal files details and
    information. Things which, in the real world, are called crimes. To
    contribute to such a website and not sound computer-moronic (read
    normal) you need to be … a MS Windows techie. Techies talking to
    techies, have you ever heard anything more pointless? Presumably –
    from Microsoft’s perspective – that’s precisely the point. Divide
    and conquer. File and forget. Dump all your critics in the same loony
    bin and nail a soundproof lid on it. And here’s proof: how far will
    this complaint get? Bill Gates? I think not.

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