Mozilla ditches Bing, renews search deal with Google

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  1. Very good step… Bing needs to improve so as to get some fan following.. Google is far ahead in search… Way to go Bing..

  2. Its totally Wrong Step for Mozilla, bcoz when mozilla started the 6-week new version, people were starting to hate mozilla bcoz its a too smaller gap between bigger versions and they have to upgrade every 6 weeks. And Blaming Bing for the loss is like “blaming the sun for heat formed by green house effect”. Eventhough they attach with google, they’ll surely go down bcoz of the above first reason. Lesson for Mad Mozilla: Don’t think foolishly! Stop your nn-sense 6-week version upgrades and go normally, u may get Success!

  3. How is Bing bloated? It’s essentially the same thing. I prefer Bing over Google mostly because of the added benefits that Bing offers. I don’t see your reasoning at all. And you’ve CLEARLY never used IE 9 or 10 yet – Because those aren’t only much slimmer and far less bloated (Like Firefox can get), but they’re faster and more secure.

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