Mozilla Firefox to release a browser for a Tablet version soon

Ssshhhhh…. There is something going on inside the Mozilla Firefox office. Oh no, it’s not just that they are working on Firefox 8 or 9 or 10 … that won’t be surprising! It’s actually something related to a tablet.

Mozilla is working on a tablet version of their browser in order to provide a better browsing experience to the tablet owners. Having released a mobile version, Mozilla is now gearing up to release a ‘specially-for-tablets’ version of Firefox soon. Though no prototype/alpha version is available now; the screen-shots prove the claim.

As can be seen, it pretty much based on the mobile version with a few decent changes favored for the tablet environment. Switching between multiple tabs gonna be easy now given the fact that they are placed at the corner of the surface where it is most feasible for the user to interact.

But doesn’t the UI look too much ‘Android’ish? Yes that the bad news. It’ll be available only for Android-based tablets, which means I (and folks like me) won’t be able to use it for I am dying to play around with a Windows-8 based tablet.

Sad. Or has Mozilla taken a step back in the competition field due to emergence of Internet Explorer 10 in Windows-8 based tablets? Or will it change its mind later? Only time will tell. As for now, all those Android-cum-Firefox lovers, a little more wait will enable you to play with the ‘Tablet’ version of Firefox.

The wait is on . . .

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