Mozilla’s new Firefox update puts user security at risk with TRR feature

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  1. Over the last year Mozilla looked like they were on the way back with a focus on the user and user privacy.

    Now they appear to have shot themselves in the foot with this TRR move.

    Great way to destroy your credibility Mozilla!

  2. As a user I disagree. Firefox over past year has been undergone a transformation of hasty and little considered changes that have reduced it as the #1 ALT to Chrome. It is pretty clear it is going “Corporate” and I for one am very disappointed by the sell-out (not to mention questionable SJW behaviour).

    This last action was totally foreseeable if not anticipated by long-time users. The next thing is THEY will be telling US which websites they have deemed “unpalatable” (I am being polite) and want us to avoid.

    The irony is I will probably have to consider an “Open Source” Chromium browser alternative like Brave.

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