Did MS-DOS contain code copied from CP/M? Find out and get $200,000

Quick question, did MS-DOS steal from CP/M back in the 80s? Some people seem to think so. They believe Microsoft copied the code from an operating system known as CP/M to help flesh out MS-DOS, but this has not been proven up to this day.

For those living in the dark, CP/M was created by Digital Research for Intel-based computers.


Now, an engineer who goes by the name, Bob Zeidman, will give away $200,00o to anyone who can prove that Microsoft stole code from CP/M to help build MS-DOS. Interestingly enough, Zeidman had tried a number of times to locate proof that Microsoft has cheated, but he failed to find any meaningful evidence.

He did manage to locate something rather odd. Apparently, some aspects of the code have the same function and function number of the code found inside CP/M. This function is used by an application to request service, so there could be something there, and we can now understand why Zideman is not yet ready to give up.

Zeidman’s evidence is weak right now, but he’s hoping the $200,000 will attract a lot of people. More eyes running through the code set could provide him with the evidence he needs. However, we believe that if no one has managed to locate a single evidence in the past 30 years, then no one will.

If Microsoft really copied code from CP/M, then the company did a great job at covering its tracks from all the eyes in the past, current, and future.

Interested folks can visit this link to have a peek at the code and other materials.

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