MSN New Homepage Launch Begins Today! Like it?

MSN has commenced the launch of its new homepage to its customers in the U.S. The new MSN homepage is designed to cut through the clutter with a clean, new design and offers search, news, local and social networking – all in one place.

Since the preview of the MSN’s new homepage began in November, Microsoft has been very busy gathering over 70,000 pieces of customer feedback and introducing over 30 updates in its quest to deliver the best homepage to stay in the know.

More at MSN Blog.

The comments about the new MSN home page on this post How the MSN Home Page has changed make an interesting read!

Here’s an example:

Michael: MSN says “we listened”. To who? Not me! I’m a big fan of “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it”, and I don’t think I’m alone. And why, every time I turn around, does it seem that MSN is trying to shove Bing down my throat?

So what’s your opinion of the new MSN home page? Do you like it?

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  1. I’m not impressed. I liked being able to change the color of the background. The ultra bright white is not inviting to me.

  2. The new site format has that minimalistic clean look that is so popular but the left column is too long, the right column is too short and a quick mouse over of the numerous tabs changes the page when you had not intended to do so.

    They have been switching it on weekends to gather data for a few months making weekends less enjoyable. Now the dreaded change has finally arrived.

    I’m trying not to be an old curmudgeon, but I see more value to the internet than having pop culture force fed in every section and on every page. Entertainment exists in a variety of forms and I don’t need to have them all related to iconic musicians, actors and dysfunctional reality TV shows.

    MSN has the best formatting that I know of, but the new edition fixed what ain’t broke.

  3. Juli B.

    I hate hate hate it (the new MSN)! why don’t they give people the option if the like the older homepage version they can choose to keep it if they want. this is just forcing me (and others) to pick an entirly different site as my/their default. Thanks MSN for “listening.”

  4. BigBen

    YucK! For the life of me I can’t understand why they would change for its own sake and just as important who is telling them that people want Bing shoved down their throat. Enough.

    Access to old MSN:

  5. BigBen, even even that link is broken and gets the new one. I use MSN Explorer and as a paid subscriber I think I should have a say about what I want. Get rid of twitter and Facebook section, no option to do so. Wasted space.

    I want a Legacy option before the window of opportunity has passed.

  6. guy

    Please bring back the way it was…the new link is horrible and slow

  7. BigBen

    Hey Chris, it looks like they had a staggered rollout and indeed all roads lead to the new fangled. Brain Dead. Oh well, they’ve been my home page for a couple of decades. My new Home Page:

    Anything neutral will do since I don’t want entities trying to tell me what to think.

  8. Clark Nickols

    I dislike the new homepage more than you can imagine. I switched to something else as my homepage for a while when you brought out the trial page. I will be switching back ang will not be having much contact with MSN now. Your advertisers will be missing out on a potential customer. The new homepage is horrible. As they say in some circles, I am voting with my feet. Goodbye.

  9. Ann Weber

    I think the new format is dreadful – I do not like Bing and would appreaciate an option to get rid of it. I hate the constant ads that come up when I inadvertantly roll my mouse slowly over an underlined word – If there are no options offered, I am going to find a more acceptable homepage.

  10. Jane Kirchner

    NO! NO to Bing in your face drop downs wasting my time. No to Hollywood in your face. No to backward change. Familiarity rules! Real news rules!

  11. I hate the new webpage. I want news not gossip and fluff. If I can’t have the old webpage I will be changing to a new one.

  12. Cris DeRaud

    Looks like the launch is in an on and off format now. Hopefully they get the message that we don’t like the new page and all that entertainment, social network, what’s popular in search crapola.

  13. Maggie Daley

    I hate the “new” msn. It hasn’t given me anything I didn’t already need or have. Just leave it alone.
    I also dislike the BING all over the place. I have used it and find Google far superior. I want news not gossip. It just proves that America is dumbing down.

  14. Jack Hill

    man this new homepage really sucks.. Nothing works right and i say “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” and the old homepage was fine…I will look for another homepage.. MSN has screwed up….The Bing crapola must be paying a lot to MSN!!! Bring back the old homepage…

  15. Susan

    Ditto…ditto…ditto to all of the above comments.
    All the entertainment and social networking links
    are they kidding? Whose the demographic for this?
    And, I miss my changing weather icons in the top right hand corner. AWFUL. NPR … my new home!

  16. Lisa B

    Hate it! The fact that MSN keeps changing it without giving me the option to change is pushing me to cancel my msn account of over 15 years! Every three months there’s another change! I am tired of spending all of this time trying to keep the homepage that I prefer and have grown accustomed to. MSN you need to listen. You are really pissing off your long time customers!

  17. Chuck

    Have Windows 7 Is there an MSN email update ????

  18. Ken

    I think the new design is TERRIBLE. It all runs together. It reminds me of how crappy Office 2007 became…Office 2003 was perfection. STOP TRYING TO BE LIKE MAC AND BE A PC! WE LIKE PC’s!

  19. Lori P

    ditto to HATE the new homepage…….don’t like the bright white…..don’t like BING search….AWFUL. I will be looking for a new home page!

  20. John R.

    I don’t like the new page either! I miss the blue background. I hate having to learn where everything is again. They should make it easier to get to your home page, and they should also incorporate an easy way to get from hotmail to your home page. Seems like sometimes change isn’t always an improvment, looks like someone at MSN is just trying to make it look like their doing something!!!!

  21. Carmen P

    I absolutely abhor the new MSN. As a result, I am making another website my homepage.

    I wish MSN would return to its old homepage and stop forcing Bing on me. I do not care for Bing at all and will never use it.

  22. Jamie N

    I have used MSN for years. New format really sucks….. Bad…..Horrible….MSN Please e-mail me when you switch it back because I am going to a different homepage.

  23. Cherry B.

    Hate the new format, absolutely hate it to the point of thinking of changing my homepage.

  24. Catalina

    PLEASE bring the old page back. I have used it for years and was very satisfied with it. Like all have said, “if its not broke don’t fix it.
    PLEASE bring the old page back. I cannot change the font to a darker one. I really hate everything about this new one. Thanks.

  25. ted

    I absolutely hate the new MSN web site. I will be changing my home page. The trouble with Microsoft is it never takes into account what people want, they are arrogant and try to shove what think think is good, but they don’t have a clue

  26. Trevor Nichols

    TERRIBLE!!! there was nothing wrong with the page to begin with, why would msn do this? it is awful and i will be using another site from now on.

  27. Sally

    I do not like the new format. It is not user friendly and it takes too long to find anything newsworthy. Please change it back or re-design the chaos on this page now. I changed my home page to something else because this new format is too confusing. On the old format, I could glance at the page and see top stories, stock market, etc. New page requires too much effort and I do not have the time to figure it out everytime I log on.

  28. Bryan Burleson

    I really dont like the new home page options. CHANGE IT BACK!!!!! Just when you think thingss are going smooth……..Slammed into another world with this new “Improved” homepage!!! Whatever.I want my old page back or I will be as the rest of the folks on here and changing homepage!!!

  29. Stephen Lowell

    This is a horrible change. Were they serving free beer to the beta testers! I give this about a week then it is time to change home page to something that is easier.

  30. grace dessert

    when will you be returning to the old format.? i do not like the new one.

  31. Bunny

    I have been away for a month and come to find out you have changed my msn homepage yet again. I hate it and when can we have the old format back? I had everything organized, all weather areas and stocks and now I cannot figure out how to insert all to see at one time.

  32. lin

    I simply hate the new MSN. In fact when I realised what crap Microsoft had done to the page, I was busy looking for a voting option where myself and millions of other users could let them know exactly what we thought of their so called “improvement”.

  33. Bob Howell

    Designed by children for children!!!!
    I do not repeat not want to see the entertainment page as the default homepage. I could not care less how some teeny bopper/rapper/bubblegum blowing/pseudo sex siren/lousy singing “it” just out of nappies is hamming up the headlines. Please allow us, at least to set our our homepage, or else, bye bye.

  34. Kirk

    MSN had a useful easy to navigate home page and now it’s crap! I would like to know what college boy came up with this garbage!!!

  35. Roger

    The new MSN homepage sucks. I moved to

  36. theresaleads

    this is a joke, I hate what you have done to my computer, you took things that I used away and replaced them with a bunch of useless things to me, you even took my emoticons and replaced them with junk ones. I have a tiny little space to write my e-mail returns. but half the screen is covered with things I don’t need nor do I want them.

  37. Res19ykj

    I hate it!!.Somehow, I got used to scrolling to find what I wanted. The auto refresh is zany. Why don’t you let us select what we want instead of making us chase it down or try to catch when it zooms by

  38. Divy

    I don’t like the new MSN Home Page! Please give me the old one back! I do not like Bing, and I won’t use it. I want my Google back, please!!!

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