msnNOW sidebar for Firefox released

msnNOW, a new social reader service, launched by Microsoft a few months back, is now available as a browser sidebar for Firefox. The msnNOW sidebar for Firefox lets you see what’s trending while you surf using Firefox. It offers quick insights on the stories people are talking about and reports real-time trends from Twitter, Facebook, Bing, YouTube and more.

msnNOW sidebar for Firefox msnNOW sidebar for Firefox

msnNOW makes it easy to stay up to date on the things people are talking about, searching for and sharing the most. Our editors scour the most interesting trends from real-time sources like Facebook, Twitter, Bing, and, so you’ll always know what’s happening and get the jump on what everyone is talking about, says Microsoft.

The sidebar is displayed on the right side and clicking on any link will take you to the msnNOW site. To be able to use the msnNOW sidebar, you need to have Mozilla Firefox 21 Beta installed. So if you are a Firefox use and would like to check out the msnNOW sidebar, you may go here ​to add it to your Firefox browser.

Firefox users who like to enjoy their daily dose of MSN can download Firefox with MSN.

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  1. Glenn R. Penrod

    I don’t like the sidebar. I can’t do my website from Firefox it hides things I can’t get to. I can’t see my slide bars to slide my site. How do you remove it.

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