MTT300, a Touch Table PC for Dining at Restaurants showcased at CES 2013

Could you imagine dining in restaurants and café on a Touch Table PC? If you haven’t been hiding in your house for a while chances are you might have heard of MTT300 Touch Table PC. Yes, a touch table PC running on Windows OS.

The Moneual’s team at CES 2013 was out with a fantastic concept, codenamed MTT300. MTT300 is an upward version of touch-screen PCs that finds its use in restaurants as a dining table. The table is touch-enabled, features Intel processor and runs on Windows 7.

What’s it used for? MTT300 at restaurants or café may be used for browsing the menu, placing the order and pay for it, all from the comfort of the table without having to call the waiter. What’s more interesting? The use of the table is not restricted in restaurants only.


You can use it for browsing the web and checking on the social networking sites. Moreover, you can use it for listening to music, reading magazines and even for shopping online.

Inside Moneual’s MTT300 lies an Intel Atom D2700 processor, along with an NVIDIA GF119 graphics card, 2 GB of RAM, and a 128 GB SSD. I am however a bit confused as to why the touch-enabled table runs on Windows 7 instead of Windows 8, which has much better support for touch technology.

The side of the table features two USB ports, a mic jack and a headphone jack all located underneath the table, presumably to avoid spills of a glass and coke. The pricing details are not yet available with us. There’s also no word on when the table would be made available for sale.

Source – CNet.

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  1. Jeff Chui

    I’m writing from Malaysia. Appreciate if anyone could provide me information with regards to Moneual’s MTT300 manufacturer contact details.
    Thanks in advance.

    Jeff Chui

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