NASA makes its massive Library, Publicly Accessible and Copyright Free

If you are am astrophotography enthusiast or a fan of the other world, space, NASA has a wonderful gift for you. NASA has made its entire collection of 140,000 images, videos and sounds of outer space. The collection is now publicly searchable online now. NASA not only allows you to see those images but also download them and use them the way you want.

NASA makes its Library Copyright Free

NASA makes its Library Copyright Free

The entire database of NASA which include the spectacular pictures of space, rocket launches, the astronaut as well as the images of events at NASA are now searchable on the internet. The best part is that the content here is all embeddable and you can use them in your websites too without worrying about any kind of copyright issues or DMCA.

The massive media library of NASA gives you a free access to the magnificent images like the first image of Saturn and its edgy rings captured by NASA’s Cassini, the pictures of Omega Nebula provided by the Hubble Space Telescope showing the glowing bubbly ocean of hydrogen gas, the real image of astronauts stepping on the moon and more.

Users can also select the range of resolution of these super stunning images so as to make them perfectly optimized for various platforms. Furthermore, every image has its detailed EXIF data.

You can share the pictures directly from the library to the social networking websites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Google Plus. The pictures are categorized into two categories of most popular images and Newest Uploads.

Head over to the NASA Image and Video Library and search for the images you want.

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