The new Google logo is evolution done right

The Google homepage we’ve come to love over the past decade has changed a lot, and it has since changed once more. The changes are not huge, but enough for the whole world to notice.

The most striking thing about the Google homepage has always been the logo. This multi-colored logo is what millions see on a daily basis when they search the web, and as such, Google wants to make it look a lot cleaner and sleeker when compared to previous versions.


According to Google, the new design changes must take into account the vast amount of computer and mobile devices available today. They come in different screen sizes, different resolutions, and different physical designs. There are even wearables with touchscreens these days, and the Google logo must look the part when folks visit the homepage.

We’re quite taken aback by all this because not many tech giants put this much focus into a logo. But that is probably because Google’s logo is viewed every day my millions.

We can see how the new logo while looking similar to the old, is more rounded the colors are brighter than before. Google has incorporated the flat design here, and it allows the logo to come off as modern.

Apart from the just the logo, Google has made changes to the favicon. It is no longer just the blue “G” we’ve been seeing for the past few years, but a rounded “G” with all the Google colors combined.

Suffice to say, we love what Google has done with its logo design, and wish Microsoft would do a similar change with Bing. We like what Bing has to offer, but sometimes the home page comes off as too distracting. First it was the background images, then they began to animate, now they make sounds.

Source: Google.

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  1. Connie McCullough

    Is there a way to get the Google evolution logo off of my Google search or do I just have to find another search engine to use?

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