New Windows Phone 8 Ads Feature Jessica Alba & Gwen Stefani

Microsoft is trying hard to make Windows Phone 8 popular throughout the world and has roped in big stars to endorse it. Four new TV ads have recently been released by the company. The new ads released a few days back, feature renowned celebrities like Gwen Stefani and Jessica Alba. The dazzling divas are seen dabbling with the live tiles of their Windows Phone 8.

All four Windows Phone ads are 15-30 second long and have already been posted on YouTube. Gwen Stefani is seen advertising her HTC Windows Phone 8 showing her favorite live tiles. She is flaunting how she uses the Windows apps in her Windows Phone. She also shows how the tiles can be customized to access the most popular apps direct from the home screen. She also shows how she uses the fashion designing apps for her work.

On the other hand style icon Jessica Alba is advertising the Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8. Being a parent Jessica Alba is showing how she her Windows 8 Phone helps her to stay close to her kids. Her advertisement shows the live tiles of All Recipes, Calendar and the kid’s corner that she has set for her kids to play games and learn.

These Windows 8 Phone ads have been created by CrispinPorter & Bogusky advertising agency popularly known as CP+B. According to a spokesperson of Microsoft, these are the most significant advertising campaigns till date.

Microsoft is planning some more ads of Windows 8 Phone featuring celebrities like Cam Newton and Andy Samberg introduce their own flavor.

Incidentally, the very first ad of Windows Phone 8 featured Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer describing how his Windows Phone 8 helps him with his work and personal life. Watch it if you haven’t still seen it!

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