No more Windows Insiders; Microsoft stops Insider builds for new PCs

Many were banking on the Windows Insider Program to lay their hands on the latest version of Windows operating system. The idea was to register with Windows Insider Program and then install Windows 10 latest build from the Insider website. We had carried an article on how to get Windows 10 for ‘free’. If you had already registered with Windows 10 Insider program, you are lucky. Because Microsoft has stopped taking new Insiders.

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The Windows Insider site says that since the release of Windows 10 operating system is too close, they are not taking new Insiders. They also mean that you cannot get an ISO or auto upgrade file for other PCs that were not already registered with the Insider program.

We’re very close to the public release of Windows 10 so we’re not onboarding any new PCs to the Windows Insider Program just now. You can still register and start using Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview, and we’ll let you know as soon as there’s a new Insider Preview build for you to try on your PC.

This does not mean that the Windows Insiders will not get a copy of original Windows 10. The already existing Windows Insider program members will keep receiving new builds (including the final release to manufacturers – RTM Windows 10). They can then opt to continue as Insiders by using the Insider Hub app or they can simply stop by removing the Insider Hub app from their PCs.

The Insider Hub app can be removed from Apps and Features under PC Settings. Once uninstalled, they will continue updates to Windows 10 as normal consumers but will not get newer feature prior to normal customers as they used to get it when they were Insiders. That is, in other words, they will be treated as normal customers and will get updates only after Insiders have already tested the features/updates.

Mobile Insider Program is still live and is continuing to accept new Insiders or new mobile phones for testing Windows 10 mobile versions.

It is not known that whether the Windows 10 Insider program for PCs will open up again for new users or new PCs as Microsoft did not say anything about that.

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  1. jeronimojackson

    So…if I only registered for the insider program on my Windows 7 PC, which I won’t be upgrading, it’s too late to register my Windows 8.1 tablet, which I will be upgrading?

  2. KC

    I think it’s linked to your Microsoft account but I’m not 100% sure.

  3. Arun Kumar

    You can upgrade your Windows 8.1 tablet to Windows 10 once it is available to general public. It is free upgrade for one year from July 29 2015.

  4. jeronimojackson

    Yes. You are correct.
    My question is whether I will be able to register forthe insider program, which is what the article addresses on the tablet..

  5. jeronimojackson

    Yes. You are correct.
    My question is whether I will be able to register the tablet for the insider program, which is what the article addresses.

  6. Arun Kumar

    I don’t think Microsoft would take in any more insiders for PC as it will be released on 29th. I was wondering if your tablet can run mobile version. You can still be insider for mobile version of Windows 10 but not for PC version.

  7. vasudevG

    This might be temporary as Microsoft prepares for 29th July public release…so after that Insider registration for PCs might start again…have to wait & see.

  8. rish

    You can still get the Insider Preview, since you probably signed up for the Insider Program using your Microsoft account.

  9. rish

    Since your account is already registered, you could just download the latest ISO and install it on your tablet.

  10. John E Reese

    My take on Insider Program, which is closed to new accounts. Since I sign up back in Oct. 2014 I can keep using the Insider updates as long I reply back to MS with any bugs or troubles with new updates. But if I quit Insider program then I got to prove I have legit Product Key for Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. Then I became a registered user and no longer will I need to reply to MS. Right now I plan to stay with the program and use some beta programs. Right now I using the RTM version of 10 which will be release in couple weeks.

  11. Thavidu

    Unfortunately seems not- I signed up to be an insider ages ago but didn’t actually register any PCs, now they aren’t accepting anymore PCs to be registered (only phones). Unless maybe he can download that ISO marked for his other PC…

  12. vasudevG

    Microsoft said:” We don’t have any plans to stop allowing new Insider registration, and will continue the program after 7/29 with new builds…”

  13. Arun Kumar

    That would be great if it really allows new registrations. I hope they do. I will continue receiving new builds as am already using Windows 10 latest build. But I do think they’ll take some time before allowing new registrations as Insiders.
    The whole thing looks complicated after it announced “end of support” even before release of Windows 10. Sounds like Microsoft has some plans that it does not want to reveal.

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