Nokia announces Connects Challenge #1 with Purity HD Stereo headsets as prize

New Year did bring in a surprise for Nokia device owners as Nokia announced a new series of Nokia Connects Challenge – where participants stand a chance to win cool Nokia accessories for free. This time, two lucky winners will each get a Nokia Purity HD stereo Headset by Monster, an absolute must-have for music lovers.

Nokia Connect Challenge - 1

According to Nokia, here’s what you will have to do to enter:

“For this challenge, we want you to colour match your Lumia (or Nokia phone) to something super cool – the cooler, more out there, the better – and send us a photo. It could be the blue version against the bluest of blue lagoons, or the yellow in a field of buttercups. To help you, we’ve come up with some examples” (below pictures).

Nokia Connect Challenge - 2

Example – 1

Example - 2
Example – 2

Winners will be selected based on their creativity, picture appropriateness and how-cool-a-match they can set up with their Lumia. The judges seem to be generous enough to award extra points if a particular entry makes them go ‘Wow, that’s really awesome!’.

Participants can leave their entries in the comments section at Nokia Conversations or else tweet it to them under the hashtag #NokiaLumiaChallenge  but make sure to go through the complete terms and conditions.

Happy clicking!

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