Nokia Windows 8 tablet, an iPad killer ?

In an interview with French newspaper Les Échos, Paul Amsellem, head of Nokia France, said that the company would have a tablet running Windows 8 in June 2012. And this announcement suddenly led to a lot of rumors. Immediately after this, Nokia’s official PR reported: “we have not announced any specific plans as it relates to tablets“. And we know this is gonna happen, given the wide opportunity that Windows 8 brings with it.

A Nokia-Windows 8 tablet was very much in the tittle-tattle as we had reported long back ago. But after the advent of Windows 8, this just seems to be a huge six over the wicket. When Nokia and Microsoft had joined hands to revive their sagging products, many had taken to fore-telling about how this relationship wont last long.

But here they are, having successfully delivered the Nokia Lumia 800, a masterpiece (acc to many). The Nokia Lumia 800 is considered to be the second most beautiful phone in the world and its capabilities are enough reason to dump an iPhone or Android device and switch over. With such results, their confidence mush be at an all-time high and the dream of Nokia being the numero-uno mobile company again may just be started seen as the truth.

So why not take it to another level? Maybe a tablet? As we speak, engineers may be testing the Nokia-Windows 8 tablet in their respective offices. And there are just quite-a-many reasons why such a tablet will be a success:

  1. Bored of Apple: People are just bored of Apple. And their iPad. Plain truth.
  2. Windows 8: None has experienced Windows 8, a new OS, in its full version. Hence it carries a high excitement factor with it, after BUILD.
  3. Powerhouse (especially for touch) : At BUILD, Windows 8 on a touch screen tablet worked like magic. It was a beauty and that will be an important factor since Windows 8 is primarily for touch screens, is what I feel.
  4. The extra edge: Nokia is famous for going the extra mile and providing something unique to their customers, which is bound to happen in this case too.
  5. BANG!:If two giants come together, we get a bang: YEAH! Two giants like Microsoft and Nokia joining hands for a tablet can spell doom for other competitors in the market as we get the very BEST in technology et al.

Come June 2012 or not, a Nokia-Windows 8 tablet is surely going to make waves.

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