NSA reportedly hacked Microsoft Error Reporting Service

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  1. This is what happens when the people become complacent and do not fight back …….. sleep tight Mr. and Mrs. America. Just keep on believing the sh!t they are shoveling your way.
    Those of you with built in web cams in your monitors may want to think about completely powering down your system when not in use, those with usb cams my want to keep them unplugged until they are needed, there are reports of the NSA being able to access any web cam remotely without ones knowledge.
    Good thing is that there will be some good hidden camera stuff posted on the web now because lord knows the NSA will only employ the smartest and best pervs they can find.

  2. For those who rarely use their webcams, especially those on laptops, a small piece of eletrician’s tape over the camera works just fine. And you have to look pretty damned hard to see it stuck on there.

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