Nvidia GeForce brings GeForce NOW service for Windows PC and Mac

All video game lovers out there, this is fantastic news for you all! GeForce, the ultimate graphic processing units or the GPUs built by Nvidia has brought GeForce NOW. With GeForce NOW, gamers can enjoy the smoothest streaming of hundreds of PC games. GeForce NOW is the next generation gaming units and offers a lot of new features. Thus, this service gives the gamers an instant access to the virtual GeForce GTX 1080 gaming PC in the cloud. That means, gamers’ Windows PC or Mac will turn into a high-performance GeForce gaming machine.

GeForce NOW

GeForce NOW

Currently, NVIDIA has announced this service for Windows PC and Mac devices only. If this service will be available for other platforms and when is not clear.  Besides, GeForce NOW will be currently available in the continental U.S. Early birds will get free access and the early access will begin in March. However, users need to register themselves as users will be selected from the waitlist on a first-come, first-served basis.

Other important updates about GeForce NOW

To install the games, users need to download the games from game store platforms. Gamers need to log into these store platforms to verify game ownership before downloading. Users can select major game store platforms like Steam, Origin, Uplay, GOG, and Battle.net from a list to download and install onto their virtual GeForce gaming PC. As mentions by GeForce team, gamers can install up to 1TB of games, which are stored on the virtual GeForce gaming PC.

The team answers gamers’ common query of how to play the games using GeForce NOW.

“Once a user has installed a game onto their virtual GeForce gaming PC, they can launch the game by clicking on its icon on the local Mac or PC. It will look like you are launching the game on your Mac or PC, when, in fact, GeForce NOW is launching it remotely on a virtual PC in the cloud and streaming it back to your Mac or PC.”

Features of GeForce NOW

With GeForce NOW, gamers can get the access to ultimate GeForce gaming experience. Apart from that, gamers will also get following features.

  • Access to GeForce NOW from a Mac or PC by downloading the client app
  • A GeForce GTX 1080 PC gaming experience streamed from our NVIDIA Pascal GPU-powered data centers in the cloud
  • The freedom to install your own games from game store platforms like Steam, Origin, Uplay, GOG, and Battle.net onto a virtual gaming PC in the cloud and play them on your Mac or PC
  • Plus, the option to install and play free-to-play titles like League of Legends via the GeForce NOW app

So hurry up and join the waitlist on GFN homepage.

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