NVidia releases a new beta GeForce driver to support 3D Vision Surround

NVidia has released the GeForce v258.69 beta driver, which will add support for 3D Vision Surround. 3D Vision Surround allows for certain system setups to display 3D graphics across three monitors. For users looking to expand their experience will have the capability of displaying 3D visual effects at resolution of 5760×1080.

To make use of the driver you will need three identical 3D Vision compatible displays, two NVidia GTX 260 or better graphics cards running in SLI (the GeForce GTX 295 in Quad SLI is not supported as of yet), a pair of NVidia 3D Vision glasses and Windows 7. Windows Vista and below are not supported.

In this video NVIDIA vice president, Rob Csongor, who shows you what a 3D Vision Surround setup looks like and gives a bit more background on 3D Vision Surround technology.

The Geforce v258.69 beta driver can be downloaded from the NVidia 258.69 Drivers page:

258.69 32Bit Driver download page | 258.69 64Bit Driver download page.

For those that would like to build their own 3D Vision Surround system, you need to download the entire 3D Vision Surround CD which includes the drivers as well.

You can download the full CD from the NVidia 3d Vision Surround Drivers CD page.

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