NVIDIA Releases GeForce Experience for Closed Beta Testing

Gone are the days when a gamer had to enter a command to run the game. Today, you simply have to click on a game icon and you’re done. That said, you have to manually tweak the game settings to achieve the best possible gaming experience for a given PC configuration. For this, you have to either go to the settings menu or update the drivers frequently. NVIDIA’s data-driven approach cuts short this process.

NVIDIA has released a new application called GeForce Experience that allows gamers to optimize their PC game settings automatically and keep their drivers up to date.

While most PC games already offer an option to automatically pick up the optimum settings based on a user’s system automatically, they are mostly inaccurate. NVIDIA uses a gaming supercomputer to test thousands of different hardware configurations and create the optimal graphics settings for individual games based on various factors such as GPU power, CPU power and more.

All you need to do is download NVIDIA GeForce (approx. 9MB) and install it on your system. When done, the application silently runs in the background and showcases the current games installed on a PC, the settings that are used, and the recommended settings from NVIDIA to manage the image quality and performance of a game.

For now, this application is limited to closed beta participants, first 10,000 participants only. Hardcore gamers can download the application from here. NVIDIA is planning on releasing GeForce Experience GeForce Experience to open beta testers soon.

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