NYPD to upgrade 36,000 police phones to Windows 10 Mobile

In a big step towards improved security and better user interface, the New York Police Department has plans to upgrade the official smartphones of their entire fleet to Windows 10 Mobile, the latest from Microsoft.


The NYPD reports that the department has been following most major software updates for their Microsoft phones and are gearing up the IT team to help each and every police officer set up their new software with ease. It is estimated that around 15% of those phones, that is 5,500, are used actively by officers every day to stop crime in the city of New York.

“We’ve spent the past year and a half building out a platform, getting the data in order, and giving out the devices. Now that we have that platform, and it’s 36,000 officers strong, we plan to continue to build on it.” said Jessica Tisch, NYPD’s deputy commissioner for information technology.

The department also mentions that they chose Windows OS over iOS and Android for its security and reliability features, and they are now looking to upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile to take advantage of these new features, such as enabling a two-way digital dispatch of information.

These are the current NYPD-specific apps that will be improved with the Windows 10 Mobile update.

  • NYPD U

Cops can watch explanatory videos, check out helpful slideshows and take quizzes straight from their phones to stay on their feet with respect to the department’s updated policies.

  • 911

Officers are able to get 911 calls directly, without waiting for dispatchers to reroute the emergency.

  • Search

This special app allows officers to browse through names, records, license plates, warrants and any other details stored within its police database.

  • Crime Information Center

This is a notice board with wanted pamphlets, missing persons and safety alerts.

This news should put to rest the talk going on that Microsoft is planning to abandon the Windows Phone.

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  1. Lian Chousin

    Updating Windows 10 phones while the police are using them will be interesting…

  2. Jamie Powell

    lol why would anyone use a mobile platform which is basically dead on such a large scale. I haven’t seen any police here use it or in the states. How odd.

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