Office Lens Universal App now available for Windows 10 alongside Office 365 support

Microsoft’s pocket scanner, Office Lens is now available for PC, phone and tablet supporting Windows 10 and lets users save the scanned content on applications in Office 365 for business support. Office Lens has been my personal favorite when it comes to scanning documents on the go with my phone and it’s only getting better.

Office Lens Universal App

Office lens, lets you digitize notes on whiteboards, blackboards or documents in a simple way and efficient way. By selecting the appropriate modes, office lens allows you to snap pictures, documents or business cards and trim them precisely, save them on the device you choose be it locally or even One Drive or One Note. Office lens also lets you effortlessly convert images to PowerPoint (.pptx) or Word (.docx) or PDF (.pdf) files which are saved to OneDrive automatically and later can be searched through Optical Character Recognition on your Windows PC.

Now with the latest updates released for Office lens, users can easily and securely save the scanned contents in  OneDrive for business or in One Note on Office 365. Office Lens avails the contents to your Office applications, whether you need to use an image in OneDrive or re-create documents in Word or collaborate the scanned content over One Note on Office 365. With the latest updated Office Lens for Windows 10, Android and iOS, users can enhance their Office 365 experience who will reap the benefit of easy sharing of contents and security contributed by office 365.

In order to use the Office lens, just sign in using your email address and scan those several important documents with no hassle! From my experience, Office Lens has been one of the most utilitarian tools that will stay on my smartphone. It scans images in a jiffy and lets us share the same over different apps. Optical Character Recognition will also let us convert the scan into an editable format.


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