OneDrive on iOS now works with third party password managers

OneDrive on iOS now works with third party password managers 1Password and LastPass. Users can now sign in to their OneDripe apps on iOS automatically via these two password managers.OD_Password-Integration-021315_E

We store all our important files and credentials at OneDrive and thus it becomes very important to protect it with a strong password and the two-factor authentication.

The new update not just makes your OneDrive secure but also provides an easy access.

You just need to:

  1. Launch OneDrive and sign in
  2. Tap the icon in the upper right corner
  3. Select your password manager (or enable them if you have not)
  4. Log into the password manager (I have Touch ID set up for mine)
  5. That’s it.

Microsoft used the Apple’s new extensions API’s and open source code of the third party password managers and applied to OneDrive. This arrangement lets users accessing their OneDrive directly from the password managers.

It is always recommended to use one unique password per site in order to maintain the online privacy and security. Also, it is suggested to have the password created with meaningless characters, numbers, and casing.

The latest update announced in the official OneDrive blog will keep your OneDrive secure while also making it easier for you to access.

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