Microsoft updates OneDrive with Pokémon detector and improved Search

OneDrive, the cloud storage service from Microsoft recently received some much-needed updates along with Pokémon detector. Cashing on the Pokémon craze that has swept the gaming World since last few weeks, the company updated OneDrive to display captured Pokémon screenshots allowing users to find them easily and share.

Pokémon detector

OneDrive gets a Pokémon detector

Android, Windows or iOS users who have been on OneDrive backing up their photos, will observe the program automatically detecting Pokémon screenshots. Microsoft says that 150 Pokémon are identified for user’s searching and viewing pleasure. You can also search for your favorite Pokémon by name.

Apart from Pokémon detector, here are the other major improvements.

Automatic albums

Following the footsteps of Google Photos, Microsoft has brought automatic albums. Automatic albums allow OneDrive to detect whenever you take a few photos in a short period, in a particular location. The program then arranges all high-quality ones in an album and even notify the user when they are ready to view and share on These albums are automatically created every Monday morning post weekend.

On this day

As the name suggests (you can identify a similar feature in Google photos) OneDrive now provides an “On this day” view showing users the photos clicked on this day in the past. As Microsoft says, “It’s a great way to relive birthdays or anniversaries or to remember old family vacations”.

Improved Search

Now you can search directly from the “All photos” view.

Elaborating on Improved Search, OneDrive team mentions on the Office blog,

“This includes finding photos that have been tagged (such as “cat” or “sunset”) or photos from a specific location (try your last vacation). You can even search using emojis. These searches also work in the OneDrive mobile apps”.

Dedicated Photo folder

For those who love stacking up their OneDrive with a lot of photos, Microsoft is offering dedicated folders for them. The revamped view now includes a hero image, larger thumbnails and a revised menu to assist in the faster creation of albums.

Updated Photos app for Windows 10

As an incentive for Windows 10 users, whenever they Sign into the Windows, all their OneDrive photos will show up in the Photos app. This includes automatic as well as manually created albums.


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