OneDrive team thanks its users as it turns 1

On Feb 19th, 2014 exactly an year ago global availability of OneDrive was announced. This was after the SkyDrive was changed to OneDrive. That day, it was not just the change of name but several new capabilities were rolled out for the free Cloud Storage for Microsoft, iOS, and Android Devices. And we have been regularly seeing all this over the one year, new features getting added, be it on the web, or across every major device and platform.

OneDrive has now completed 1 year of operations! And the OneDrive team thanks hundreds of millions of its users.

We wouldn’t be anywhere without the hundreds of millions of people that use OneDrive and I wanted to say thank you on behalf of the entire OneDrive team!

Omar Shahine, Group Program Manager, OneDrive thanking on behalf of the entire OneDrive team in the blog post lists out his top 10 improvements that was added to OneDrive in the last year. Many of these feature additions are based on the users feedback. So one can say the team cares for what the users say, take their feedback seriously and implements them.

Here are OneDrive’s top 10 feature introductions:

  • Big jump in free storage by 3 times to up to 30 GB (2x base quota, 5x camera roll bonus)
  • Increase in Office 365 storage from 20 GB to UNLIMITED
  • OneDrive for Business launch and its access via mobile app
  • Free Office on iPad and Android
  • Partnered with
  • Increased upload performance by roughly 3 times
  • OneNote powered by OneDrive became free on Windows PCs and Macs
  • Office Lens turns whiteboards and documents into Office files
  • Save and Send files in OneDrive from & OWA accounts
  • Introduced photo albums, tag support, object detection, and search

Our readers at TheWindowsClub must have been following all these OneDrive features which we have been covering. So if you too have your favorite feature, you can mention it here in the comments section.

OneDrive has also posted a nice infographic depicting its 1 year journey, check it here. Click on image for a bigger view.

Happy birthday, OneDrive!

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