on{x} : An Android Application from Microsoft – Overview and Features

There is something strange happening in the Android world – and guess what – it is Microsoft who is coming up with an Android app and they call it on{x} pronounced as on-ex.

This application, on{x}, claims to take your life to a new level through remote programming. Also believed to leverage mobile technology. And no doubt we have been using mobile phone for connecting to web, calendars, friend contacts and more! With on{x} you will have the power of automating yourself.

The first thing you need to do is – visit and browse onx.ms, then login to on{x}, using your Facebook account. You are now ready to use the complete service. Click on “Recipes” tab and select a template from the list available. Once you do it, it gives you an alert to download the app.

Let us imagine some daily life situations, and how this app can be of use. Suppose there is an app which reminds you to “Buy milk when you arrive at your home” or an app that reminds you to “visit the gym if you haven’t been for three days”. It sounds really cool doen’t it? on{x} does all these and perhaps more.

On{x} Features:

You can do all these stuff by using on{x} quite easily. On the ex{x} application, you have an Android application and a website. The application on your phone can be configured to react to the events through settings made on website. There are 11 ready to go template on the website that can be configured to react to the events happening around you. These templates are called as “recipes”.

On{x} Programming:

On{x} will be an iterative app, if you are a programming geek then on{x} provides you all the JavaScript APIs to extended its services and create your own recipes. The documentation sections is quite impressive, it teaches the ways to use on{x} API’s. on{x} uses location, contacts, network, weather and many other parameters so as to give it a real-time operating look.

Supported platforms :

Android phones 2.3 (Gingerbread) and 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).

Supported browsers :

  • Internet Explorer 8 and up
  • Firefox
  • Chrome

To get the brief idea about on{x}, check out this video to check out and then visit the on{x} website to get started.

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