Orbit Downloader contains code for Denial of Service (DOS) attacks

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  1. Proof to back this up? Because this just seems like another biased article to make people uninstall the software just because you don’t personally like it. You say there’s evidence but you haven’t provided any. If you’re going to make things up to force people to stop using software you don’t like at least try and make it sound believable or don’t bother! If you believe this crap then i’m sorry but you’re just a gullible moron!

  2. It is a news article, not a featured or how to piece. I am paraphrasing a news from ESET smart security’s blog. You know it is a reputed security firm. You need evidence , we have provided the link, ping them. There is an obligation, we can’t put every single line from their blog. I hope this will ring some bells.

    We have nothing against any software, and it is not an opinionated article.

  3. We don’t think so, and won’t recommend taking such risk. There are many more bug free awesome download manager available, you may wanna look into that.

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