Pakistan gets its own Facebook – The MILLAT Facebook!

Ever since Pakistan banned several sites including Facebook, Twitter, etc, Pakistanis have been looking forward to an alternative to network online!

Enter MILLAT Facebook!

Millatfacebook is Ummah’s very own, first social networking site. The objective is to provide a platform for all Muslims and nice, decent and sophisticated people of all religions and faiths, to come together and make a network. They should interact in a way that is socially responsible by providing them all the freedom of expression, however respecting each others’ sentiments, sensitivities and beliefs.”

It is a site run for Muslims, by Muslims  … but “sweet people from other religions, are also welcome to join in“, it says on the website. is Pakistan’s very own, first social networking site and has been launched by six young IT professionals from Lahore.

The Urdu word “Millat” is used by Muslims to refer to their nation.

Subsequently, Millat Facebook alleged that Facebook tried to sabotage its venture. In a post FB’s Attempts to stop, it made the following allegations:

The above image is from that post.

This post now appears to have been removed!

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