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Does your family use the home computer to create chore lists, manage schedules or do homework?  Are you a parent with children under age 18 that use the computer to do their school work?  Are you part of a small business that requires flexibility in where and when you work?  Are you a college student who uses the computer for your homework and who regularly works with other students on assignments or projects?   

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Microsoft is are looking for Families, Students and Small Businesses (that own 5 PCs or less), who use computers on a daily basis, to participate in Microsoft’s Office 2010 Real Life Stories program.  This program provides a select number of people with inside access to Office 2010 and the web versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint before they ship! Each participant will enjoy a variety of benefits including unlimited, U.S.-based email support, access to a dedicated Microsoft program manager, and web sites and other resources to ensure a successful Office 2010 experience.  In return, we ask that you use the software for personal or work use on a daily basis and that you are willing to be featured in Microsoft public relations and marketing activities.

What’s in it for you?

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