PC Tech Support warns customers about upgrading to Windows 10

Microsoft has been pitching the Windows 10 ecosystem aggressively and it does seems that the Redmond giant wants all of the PCs to switch to the latest operating system. However, PC Makers tech support line begs to differ, if you give them a call they will vehemently oppose the Windows 10 operating system and ask you to roll back to the previous versions.


It has been unearthed that Dell and HP support staff are explicitly discouraging users from upgrading to Windows 10 not only that as we told earlier they are also asking them to roll back to the previous versions even when it comes to solving simple issues which are not exclusive to Windows 10.

When questioned about the episode, the OEM’s gave a half-baked answer and asked what choice they had other than to say that, as their job is to get the customers PC up and running. But they did express solid support for Windows 10.

This entire ordeal throws light on some important aspects the PC operating system upgrades, the support should be handled by a separate division and not by the manufacturers, as they already operate on skimpy profits and it really isn’t their headache to ensure updates – that being said the manufacturers should support the updates only if its mentioned in the product specifications.

Microsoft on other hand can help the OEM’s by spinning off a new Windows 10 support team who can help people with their issues and this will also reduce the burden from the OEM’s shoulders.

Via: ZDNet.

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  1. Alberto Gorin

    i have windows 10 still have on dvd 7 and 8 bought a software to go 8.1 and go to windows 10
    windows 10 is faster more modern.i wish windows 10 was a upgrade modern version of windows 7
    was basic system with no apps.still have it on a netbook or mini laptop

  2. Ranko Kuljanin

    Yeah, don’t upgrade to Winodws 10 ’cause Dell & HP will have to invest in driver development all over again and tech support for “obsolete” products – products that they had successfully got rid of, so they thought 🙂

    Well… in their faces! 😀

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