Playable Ads coming to Windows 10 apps

Here’s some news for the Windows 10 app developers. Now Playable ads will be a part of Windows 10 apps, according to a blog on Windows Blogs by Microsoft Product Manager, Vikram Bodavula. These ads are yet another enhancement in the way users interact with ads. This enhancement will further help developers to acquire the users who are more engaged and proven to be more profitable.

Playable ads in Windows 10

Playable ads in Windows 10

Playable ads are a groundbreaking innovation in the world of ad campaigns. The current ad campaign works in a typical, but a slightly inconvenient pattern. For example, a user is engaged in some app. An ad for another app appears on his screen and he wants to see what it is. If the user clicks on this ad, it will take him to Windows Store page, leaving the original app page. Now, the user installs this new app, after reading its description in the ad. However, the user doesn’t find this new app very appealing after installing it and quickly uninstalls it.

If you consider the above example, most of the new apps (promoted through the ads) end up in quick uninstallation, because the user does not find it suitable after using it for a while.

However, Playable ads omit most of these inconvenient processes. The Playable ads work as follows:

“Playable ads are a completely new way for end users to interact with ads and apps. With this capability, end users never leave the current app. The ad click will result in inline expandable app streaming: for three minutes, the user can interact with the app as if it’s already installed on his/her device. This gives the user time to decide if he or she wants to install the app. At the end of the streaming session, users can click on a link to install the app if the app experience met expectations.”

Advantages of Playable ads for developers

There are several advantages that come with the Playable ads:

  • Users can experience the app live before installing it.
  • Users will not leave the current app context after ad click since these are inline expandable ads.
  • Users can abandon the app stream at any point of time based on the quality of the game. He/she is not blocked until the end of the gameplay.
  • Developers can create an engaging experience during the first few minutes of a game to better explain its capabilities compared to screenshots.
  • Users who install the game after three minutes of engagement are more inclined to use the game/app than those who just installed the app based on the product description page.

You can know more about the Playable ads and how to create these ads on the Windows Blogs.

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