Popular Browsers hacked at Pwn2Own 2015 Event

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  1. The only slight downside to all this “pay hackers to pre-hack hackers” stuff is that then browser makers proceed as if no one on earth, no tech or third party app, could possibly exist already defending against the “hacking future”; then, taking their browsers as if standalone in all user cases, they add fixes (with MS, often OS-based) and you sometimes get weird internet experiences as new browser defenses collide with already-present user defenses. For example, if one uses recent FF versions in some vpns, FF says it can’t connect to Google because (apparently) the pin keys of Google reached via vpn are different than those you get using your normal dns…and then states this “cannot be overridden”…yet for some reason, secure search engines like DDG and StartPage remain usuable with FF in vpn.

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