Pricing for Windows 7 in India.

Microsoft India has confirmed to us that, “the Retail price in India, of the Full Packaged Product (FPP) Software offering of Windows 7 will be about 10-12% 30-35% lower than equivalent Windows Vista offering.”

Update: The final pricing appears at the end of the post.

The retail price, on, for  Windows Vista Home Premium is Rs. 6,325/- and for Windows Vista Ultimate is Rs. 14,500/-.

In such a case of a 10-12% reduction, the prices for for Windows 7 Home Premium is expected to be around Rs. 5,650/- and for Windows 7 Ultimate to be around Rs 12,900/-.

UPDATE – The final pricing is as follows,:

Windows 7 Ultimate – Rs 11,799
Windows 7 Professional – Rs 11,199
Windows 7 Home Premium – Rs 6,799
Windows 7 Home Basic – Rs 5,899.

UPDATE 12th Feb 2010 – Windows 7 Ultimate now appears to be for Rs 9200/- only. Visit Microsoft Stores.

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  1. Jagannath

    Only Sales people in MS can think of such prices given the track record of Indians to buy original software.

  2. Savio

    It should be max Rs 5000 for Home Premium and Rs 10000 for Ultimate, if Ms wants users to actually buy the product. Better still give us China pricing 😉

  3. Vasudev

    Ultimate should be 7000 max, Professional 5500 max and Home Premium 4000 max. Then people will flock to buy Windows 7 rather than using pirated versions.

  4. Amarendra bandla

    I would love to see this pricing:

    Home Premium Retail: 4.5k
    Professional: 7k
    Ultimate: 9k

  5. Dnyanesh

    I think they should apply the US pricing here too. I mean, WHY NOT??!!

  6. Rajesh

    I don’t need Windows 7, I am hapy with Windows XP. Microsoft should stop this non-sense, charging such a huge amount for upgrade. It’s ok for new versions but upgrades should be more cheaper. Atleast existing customers (Home users) should be benefited

  7. tabish

    i think this is too much the pricing of windows 7 is too much. Its good to buy Mac OS snow leopard because it contains already installed software so u dont have to haggle about the net to find download. for e.g windows media player this is the hopeless player because it even can’t play the .avi files. mac is built with a solid UNIX foundation.

  8. ASP art

    I will never buy again any another Windows (like 7),because i purchased the Vista Home Basic,after two-and-half month when i reinstalled Vista in my PC,then window shown the message”This product key is used by another user”. Means product key is already stoled by hackers. Then my Rs.7500 gone in vain. Actually Windows Vista Home Basic is giffted by my elder brother on my Birthday. I think compnies are unable to protect thier users.

  9. @tabish ! You’re talking like that because you didn’t give a try to Windows 7 so far. Windows Media Player can play AVI as well as .mov files (quick time)

    So don’t canard about Windows 7.

  10. Sal Major

    This is still very huge….Why doesnt MS bring up with some offers for student or somebody. In US the Win7 home premium version is available for 29.99$.

    And in India its so expensive.

  11. sapam

    Apple OSX Leopard Updgrade is available for $29 (Rs.1,355 aprox) and they have only 1 version/edition. So, no confusion for the buyers.

    Why can’t windows come up with 1 version and at a decent price tag.

    The most i think people are ready to pay for any edition of Windows is Rs. 5,000/-, anything more don’t make sense and don’t have market in India.

    MS price strategy is the main driving force for Piracy.

  12. Chandrasekhar

    I was thinking of buying a Win 7 Home copy if it is priced sensibly.

    I now see OpenSUSE Linux is not just free but much better to use too! My old Win XP will remain on the dual boot for some games however.

  13. Priyank

    MS seriously needs to think about there strategy on pricing in India, else Piracy will keep increasing in India. Who the hell will pay 6700 for Win 7 Home considering there are many people for whom buying a computer is a dream !

    Linux rocks !

  14. Vikalp

    Well as i can see most of you are only passing judgment based on the fact that its “another upgrade” or a “new version” so that MS can make money as they always do. Although you guyz are not wrong but you are a little off.
    First Off Win 7 is cheaper not only in comparison to Vista’s Launch Pricing but also to the US pricing of Win7 but we all already know that now don’t we. Then you guys definitely haven’t used the evaluation copy of Win 7 or you wouldn’t be judging the OS so harshly because i can assure you Microsoft has really made improvements since their decline from the Win 2k days. But to know all that you actually need to give this OS a go rather than “Oh its another vista crap so i wont touch it” attitude.
    Lastly MS is slowly slashin prices so they can make up for the Vista disaster so cut them a little break.

  15. Balaji J H

    I would buy if MS offers for India students for Rs.1400 ($30) as like US Students

    Hope windows 7 is good

  16. Naveen

    MS is as always playing the fool.. now are they pricing the W7 Home premium edition higher than its Vista counterpart? God save Ballmer & Co

  17. ram

    i have windows 7 ultimate and best os for me

  18. Lizzy

    Well! Windows XP-I-II was a disaster and Vista was a total disaster, will W7 be a supreme disaster. Unlike the stability of Mac, windows is always crashing and hanging I have seen the same Notepad and MSWrite since the past 10 years or more. In economics we were taught that as the demand goes up the price decreases. Microsoft is a totally bully and will not decrease the price. INR 11,799 for W7 Ultimate Huh! So much for monopoly and arm twisting. If Microsoft decreases the price by Rs.5000/- which is the exact and correct price then piracy will come to an end and they will be selling a 100 thousand more copies.

  19. Crazy

    I think Upgrate sho0uld be more cheeper than it is now… I know that W7 is better then Vista but if MS wants to grab the attention of customers they should also come down in price, Until the price goes down its very tough to control Piracy and also the common man doesn’t want to spend lot of money just for the sake of live updates……..

  20. SatishKN

    I am presently using windows vista home basic & planning to upgrade to windows 7 home basic. what would be the price for the licenced version windows 7 home basic. pl provide me yr best offer so that i shall make a deal.

  21. r.bhattacharyya

    Using the W-7 starter edition. Seems it is very prone to viruses despite installation of proper (paid) anti-virus (Kaspersky). Where & how can i get an upgrade to W-7 Home Basic/Premium? Also, can MAC OS run on non-MAC PCs/laptops?

  22. pirate guy!

    this should be some kind of joke… they expect us to pay 12K for crap, I’m using Linux…only problem is drivers and application support. thats where MS wins. never in my life ive seen an original windows CD or how its pack look like, if i really need one its pirated copy is available for 50 bucks (US $1)fortuately there is no price difference between basic and ultimate versions everythig for $1 and then pass over…

  23. athar nawaz khan

    it is still very costly. price should be more less

  24. Rohit

    Nice and informative post.

  25. jaydoc

    See the light, people…!

  26. RAHUL


  27. RAHUL


  28. ^ Home premium should be good enough.

  29. Yy

    he does not know what an engineering student needs..ultimate or proffess.. is what you need…reply after a year is not too late…trust you have the pirated copy up and running….

  30. rajubhai

    Windows 7 Ultimate – Rs 4 to 5,000 sudhi kimat jo company rakhe to dupliket no problam sol thai jay

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