Pricing for Windows 7 in India.

Microsoft India has confirmed to us that, “the Retail price in India, of the Full Packaged Product (FPP) Software offering of Windows 7 will be about 10-12% 30-35% lower than equivalent Windows Vista offering.”

Update: The final pricing appears at the end of the post.

The retail price, on, for  Windows Vista Home Premium is Rs. 6,325/- and for Windows Vista Ultimate is Rs. 14,500/-.

In such a case of a 10-12% reduction, the prices for for Windows 7 Home Premium is expected to be around Rs. 5,650/- and for Windows 7 Ultimate to be around Rs 12,900/-.

UPDATE – The final pricing is as follows,:

Windows 7 Ultimate – Rs 11,799
Windows 7 Professional – Rs 11,199
Windows 7 Home Premium – Rs 6,799
Windows 7 Home Basic – Rs 5,899.

UPDATE 12th Feb 2010 – Windows 7 Ultimate now appears to be for Rs 9200/- only. Visit Microsoft Stores.

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