Microsoft starts a new series of Python for Beginners Video Tutorials

Python as a language is exploding in popularity, and everyone wants to be a part of this new community. So, to help interested individuals, Microsoft has started a new program. The company is offering Python for beginners video tutorials to help them learn the Python language.

Python for beginners tutorials

Python for Beginners Tutorials

If you’re new to Python, Microsoft makes sure you get started in the right way with a new series of video tutorials. We all know, the biggest hurdle when learning any new programming language is simply knowing where to get started. What’s important? What do we need to know to be proficient? It’s usually hard to follow docs when we don’t even understand what we are reading. So, there’s a dedicated source now!

CHRISTOPHER HARRISON, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft wrote in a blog post,

Picking up a new language is a common situation for modern-day developers. The days of going your entire career focused on one language are long since gone. Fortunately, concepts typically don’t change as you move from one programming language to the next. Sure, the syntax might be different, but an if statement is still an if statement even when it’s written using { } or End If. So, we don’t need to learn how to program, but rather how to program in a new language. Therefore, I created this series of videos!

Python, as a language has immense utility. It has flexibility. You can use it to create solutions of all shapes and sizes or attempt to simplify your life through automation. It’s important to remember that the tutorials won’t cover everything there is to know about Python but only the foundation on programming in Python, starting from common everyday code and scenarios.

Having said that, at the end of the course, you’ll be in a good position to go and learn on your own, following along docs, tutorials, books, etc.

For more information, visit Microsoft Cloud blogs. The tutorials are available here on YouTube.

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