Ransomware hits Android Smart TV, mimics FBI & demands $500

Ransomware is getting too close to be cozy. Ransomware is plaguing the Internet and PC users and well there is nothing that can be done to stop except for the rudimentary safety measures for individuals and maybe advanced solutions for organizations. It is only yesterday that we reported how Ransomware industry is pegged at a staggering $1-Billion and Ransomware is also available to use as a “service” In today’s interconnected world we prefer to have smart devices that are not only efficient but also intuitive in usage and Android TV’s perfectly fit into the bracket.

tv ransomware
Android Smart TV hit with ransomware

Well, it was shocking for Software developer Darren Cauthon, when his LG Smart TV shut down while someone from his family downloaded an app in order to watch a movie. It didn’t just end there since the TV was now engulfed by a letter that was apparently signed by “James Comey” director of FBI and the statement accused and threatened the users of accessing “forbidden pornographic sites.”

As a result of full scanning of your device, some suspicious files have been found and your attendance of the forbidden pornographic sites has been fixed. For this reason your device has been locked” Apart from the crippled grammar the letter also went on to say that a photo and location of the owner has been uploaded to the FBI database. Now comes the Ransomware bit the letter reads and we quote “You are a criminal subject. The penalty as a base measure of punishment on you which you are obliged to pay in a current of three calendar days is imposed. The size of the penalty is $500

As with most of the other Ransomware, the attacker has used social engineering to trick the users and has used a malicious code to lock up the device and eventually demand a Ransom to unlock it.

Thankfully Darren Cauthon took the right measures to deal with the Ransomware and performed a factory reset. To think of it just imagine the magnitude of destruction this Ransomware would have caused had it infected an entire organization’s computers.

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