Ransomware is on the rise, says FBI

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  1. Thank you for this very correct report. And people should also realize “ransom-minded” attacks, such as ddos, defacements, are likely to rise as well…not just crypto-code you encounter browser-by-browser. For example, until Brian Krebs was able to locate/hack into “Lizard Squad” botnet main the other week, leading to UK arrest of one “Lizard”, this gang extorted up to 3,000 $99USD/yr subscriptions to other sites as “ransom” to drop ddos attacks against targets, tied up Xbox over Xmas just to “prove” power, and were reported to have defaced Malaysia Airlines with customers confronting “404 Error – Plane Not Found” over the LS trademark lizard with monocle, pipe and tophat. Yes, Lizard Squad when located was storing emails and payment data of “clients” it attracted for “hits” in plain text on its server, which might discourage most of their “clients”; but if one looks to what’s happened with Zeus and Citadel since their code was leaked to the public, it’s likely LS-type extortions will rise if these punks sold more than “services”.

    Hope this helps, thanks again, cheers!

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