Raspberry Pi 3 Kit from Microsoft makes it easier to create devices

Microsoft is very much interested in making the Raspberry Pi 3 computer easier to use than it is now for people who are new to the hardware. To make this possible, the software giant decided to team up with a Chinese company.Fr0m what we have come to understand, Microsoft is developing the Seeed Windows 10 IoT Core Grove Kit alongside China-based company, Seeed Studio. The kit has all the hardware and software required to create cool things, so users should not worry about having to purchase additional contents.

Seeed Windows 10 IoT Core Grove Kit

raspberry pi 3

Contents include a Raspberry Pi 3, a breakout board, connectors, cables and a smartphone-like screen. We understand the kit will be available this summer, though at the moment, both Microsoft and Seeed Studio have announced a price.

“If you’re interested in getting started with software, you know your hardware … but you’re scared of plugging in your hardware and electrocuting yourself, this kit is for you,” according to a statement from Daniel Rosenstein, lead principal program manager at Microsoft.

Microsoft first introduced this kit during it Build 2016 presentation where the company discussed how developers could earn money with a $35 Raspberry Pi3 computer.

Microsoft is pushing to have developers create more gadgets such as IoT devices and robots. Such a move could pave the way to have Windows 10 installed on more systems than just consumer desktop and laptop computers.

The overall goal of this new kit from Microsoft in collaboration with Seeed Studio, is simplicity. Give developers a start and something simple and the chances of them creating wonders increases. Only time will tell if this works out in ways Microsoft hopes it would.

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