Re-designed Google+ for Mobile Phones

Google+, Google’s very own social network service aims to make sharing on the web more like sharing in real life. As such, it received a new update for its mobile version. The new update boasts a re-worked interface for the mobile version. Most changes/modifications made imitate the changes recently made by Google to its Google+ app for Desktop.

Google+ for Mobile Phones refreshed

Google Plus

Fine-tuning its mobile interface to look more like the Desktop version, Google has added “cards,” cover photos, and larger tap targets. Posts now appear as “cards” in the stream that make them a lot more easier to read and share. cover photos that are displayed have turned larger, while some of the icons of the website have become more “touch friendly.”

The new mobile Google+ site is already live so you can check the changes immediately. The information on the page reads as,

“Improving the look & feel of Google+ on the mobile web

Quick update for those accessing Google+ from the mobile browser:

Posts now appear as “cards” in the stream, making it easier to read, +1 and re-share them.

We’ve also redesigned the Profile and Page experiences to include cover photos, larger tap targets, and much more.


Few days ago, Google introduced many changes to its social network app adding up to 41 new features.

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