Rootkits or Keyloggers can hide on a Graphics Card and gain access to your computer

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  1. Another way to spy even in multiboot OS situations…the good news keeps pouring in. A few years ago, when Malwarebytes came out with a manual Anti-Rootkit Beta, when such “spies” on CPUs were a bit of a rage, that sanner included then-new ability to scan outside of OS partitions on HDD to see if a patch to the CPU existed anywhere at all on the disk as detection; wonder if something like that will evolve to find GPU bugs once “in”, or if virtualization/sandbox (or behavior blocking) could keep it out in first place?

  2. Unfortunately this type of advanced malware has been in the wild for quite some time now. Basically almost any PCI or other hardware connected directly to the mainboard which has NV RAM to store its own firmware is potentially vulnerable. This includes devices such as some optical drives, network adapters and of course graphics adapters.

    The naive people who want argue this is all paranoia need not reply… do some research.

  3. It seems that the keylogger is inserted in ‘GTA V’ mods! So terrible! As far as I know, common keyloggers like Micro Keylogger for PC only can be installed physically on the target PC, or it is illegal.

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