Samsung SUR40, next version of Microsoft Surface is now available

Microsoft announced on 17th November 2011 that the next device version of Microsoft Surface, called as the Samsung SUR40 is now available for businesses to buy.  Joining hands with Samsung in bringing the second version of the Surface device from the labs into the marketplace, Microsoft and Samsung announced that Samsung SUR40 will be available in 23 countries initially.

Microsoft Surface has had been garnering many positive reviews and feedback ever since it was introduced way back in 2008. The first version of Microsoft Surface, which looked more or less like a huge table, had won the “Best of What’s New” Award by Popular Science magazine then. And now, it’s a double victory as the Samsung SUR40 was just named a 2011 “Best of What’s New” award winner and is featured in a special awards issue currently on news stands

According to Somanna Palacanda, Director of Microsoft Surface,  the new Surface device incorporates all the key features of the original – a massive multi-touch screen, the ability to recognize fingers, blobs, and objects – as well as PixelSense, a new technology that lets LCD panels “see” without the use of actual cameras.

The technology has helped slim down the second version of the Surface device and enables a new form factor – one that can be turned on its side. With a screen that’s only four inches thin, customers will have the option to use the Samsung SUR40 horizontally as a table, hang it on a wall, or embed it into furniture.

This is a major advantage that the SUR40 holds over its predecessor. Its more light-weight, more efficient, smarter and occupies less space. In fact, it can be used as a huge tablet but it only is so much superior when compared to a normal tablet capabilities.

 The slim and sleek Samsung SUR40 can also double up as a very important discussion table in conferences/meetings without the need of extra gadgets.

All in all, it’s a beauty!

Visit the Samsung site to place your order or find a local seller.

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