Scammers posing as Microsoft employees are on the rise

Ever came across scammers who claim they are from Microsoft? If not, you’re in luck because many have fallen victim to these guys. You see, no one wants to have problems with their beloved computers, which is why these guys have managed to pull off the perfect scam.


Scammers who act as Microsoft employees usually come up with a million reasons why your computer is infected with some form of virus. Microsoft will never directly contact a user to tell them their computers are not running well.

To get rid of the fake virus, the scammers will request access to your computer. Again, Microsoft will never ask this of any computer, so beware because once they gain access, they will plant a virus then charge the user to have it removed. Be very careful of fraud institutions or scams that use the Microsoft name because they are only after your hard earned cash.

According to Stan Gryskiewicz, owner of P.C. Development Group in Windsor, several customers have contacted all the time over the years about these calls. Some have asked if the calls are coming from real Microsoft employees, while others made the mistake of actually answering and following the scammers instructions.

“They have actually let these people log onto their system and they have had their data deleted,” Gryskiewicz said. “They have had data that has been encrypted.”

Gryskiewicz also said that many times he had to be the one to remove cyber mess left behind on victim computers by scammers. It’s a difficult task, especially since some viruses requires special software to find them.

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Every computer user should be educated on this matter to help end the issue once and for all. An educated computer user will never be tricked by these goons, so do what it takes to make sure you’re smart enough next time a fake Microsoft employee comes knocking.

We should also point out that things are getting ugly when it comes down to scamming. Back in 2015, some computer users who have challenged scammers were threatened if they refuse to comply with the demands.

Source: NBC.

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  1. dwightstegall

    They call me about once a month. I laugh at them and hang up.

  2. Deport Now

    I have received these calls and the call origin can be traced to India. Hmm….

  3. True. Unfortunately some unethical folks from India do indulge in this malpractice. Gives all a bad name. 🙁

  4. Dan

    I’ve heard some at least pretending Indian or Pakistani accents, but over time also “good ol’ boys from Texas”, generic USA yuppie-speakers, and Spanish. Seems scammers worldwide don’t just use TOR to hide their locations (i.e., accent means you “must” be in some other region). As dwightstegall and Mr. Khanse say, it’s best just to hang up on or block such callers. Cheers!

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