Secunia Personal Software Inspector (PSI) to be retired

There are many users on the Internet who use Secunia or Flexera Personal Software Inspector (PSI) to keep their devices secure. What PSI does is, it detects outdated or vulnerable software on your machine running Windows. In this way, it either applies a patch or it notifies the user about the same. But for the loyal users, there is a bad news. Flexera who had bought over Secunia PSI has decided to drop support for the product.

Secunia Personal Software Inspector to be discontinued

Secunia Personal Software Inspector to be discontinued

The team at Secunia recently announced that they will be discontinuing the support for their Secunia Flexera Personal Software Inspector. In a post in the support forums of the product, they mentioned:

It’s time to say good bye to PSI. Today we are announcing the End-of-Life of Personal Software Inspector(PSI). This product will no longer be available from April 20, 2018. Discontinuing PSI hasn’t been an easy decision. Consumer products are not part of Flexera’s Strategy to help businesses that develop software and business using software address the challenge of this very dysfunctional supply chain. In line with our strategy, we remain committed to deliver best-in-class Software Vulnerability Management solutions for businesses. For users looking to continue to keep their PCs safe, we suggest to use software best practices: Turn on automatic updating of all software that support it (e.g. Windows, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, iTunes, Quicktime). Always manually run updates on those applications that don’t update automatically. Remember to restart your computers for changes to take effect. . Uninstall software that’s not in use, and search for updates for software you maintain. We are thankful for your loyalty and for your support over these many years.

So you see, no updates will be available for it after 20th April 2018, making it completely useless.

Hence, in order to keep yourself protected from all the exploits and vulnerabilities, here is what the team at Secunia recommends to you:

  • Turn on Automatic Updates for Windows and all other software installed.
  • Run Manual Updates for those which do not support Automatic Updates.
  • Restart your computer for the changes to take effect.
  • Uninstall the software that you don’t use.

You might therefore want to uninstall Secunia PSI and look for some other Software Update Checker instead, for your Windows PC.

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