Microsoft launches, offers 3GB more

If you are a college student and using SkyDrive, you can get an extra 3GB storage space now. Microsoft has launched its new program This program is providing 3GB extra storage space for college students so as to help them in managing their assignments, projects and documents easily.


SkyDrive For Students

To get this extra 3GB Storage space in SkyDrive you need a valid .edu email address. Willing students can avail the offer and can redeem the code before December 31, 2013.

The offer however comes with a few restrictions –

  • The gift voucher of an extra 3 GB of free SkyDrive storage is valid for only one year. The storage space will expire after one year of redemption.
  • Students need to redeem the voucher by 12.13.3.
  • The extra storage offer is limited to one account per person.
  • The storage space is non-transferrable, and can be redeemed only by U.S. college students.

SkyDrive is a free service with 7GB of storage. It is one of the easiest ways to store the files and to share them with friends on various platforms. You can use your SkyDrive account with SkyDrive desktop app which allows you to add files even if you are offline.

Enter your valid .edu email address here and get the extra 3GB space now.

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