Blog about SkyDrive… and become a SkyDrive Ambassador !

Today the SkyDrive team tweeted something rather interesting about SkyDrive’s First Ambassador Program !

New SkyDrive-logo

Here’s the tweet –

SkyDrive Ambassador Program

It is apparent that SkyDrive is looking for people who love to blog, and who passionately put to use SkyDrive in their work. The selected person will be made an Ambassador – who will become the voice of the community. All that will be required of the Ambassador is that he write about 8-10 blog posts per year, about how SkyDrive is helping to simplify his or her lives.

While anyone who is interested can take part in this, SkyDrive is particularly interested in people who are using SkyDrive in specific areas, viz:

    • Real estate (agents, developers or property managers)
    • Sales, business development, marketing (startup or small business)
    • Food Enthusiasts (home cooking, restaurateurs)
    • Parenting (PTA leader, generally awesome Mom or Dad)
    • Education (teacher/professor, tutor, student group leader)
    • Non-Profit Leader

Initially only US Ambassadors will be selected, and the total number selected would be just 5, at the moment. The chosen candidates will be interviewed via Skype.

So what does the SkyDrive Ambassador have to do?

As an Ambassador one has to continue what he has been doing – tweeting , blogging and telling others how SkyDrive has been helping him in his work, home or school!

What benefits does the SkyDrive Ambassador get?

Apart from the prestigious SkyDrive Ambassador tag, an Ambassador will:

  • Get early access to SkyDrive news and product releases.
  • Gain a huge boost in your online presence that will help you grow your business and enhance your community outreach.
  • Attend exciting regional conferences on our dime that are relevant to your profession. We’ll help set you up to share SkyDrive with your peers and colleagues.

In recent times, Microsoft has been promoting SkyDrive with lots of cool new features and improvements. It’s now also available as a desktop app integrated with Explorer. When you install the SkyDrive app , you can access your photos and files from almost anywhere, store them, and securely share them.

With the upcoming Windows 8, SkyDrive will be a part of it, and available on the Start Screen. Moreover, various other Windows 8 apps will be able to connect to SkyDrive. Suppose you are using the Sketchbook app. The sketches you create can directly be saved to SkyDrive. You can make SkyDrive as your primary location for personal files, making it the default save location. Such features make it so very useful. And all this for free !

So if you do plan to participate in SkyDrive’s First Ambassador Program, you will have to start with filling this survey. Once you have read the terms, you can access the survey from the red link at the bottom of that page.

And let us know here later on, if this post has helped you and you get selected as a SkyDrive Ambassador! All the best!

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Vasudev G. is a Technology Enthusiast. He is a Windows Insider MVP and is committed to Microsoft technologies and products.

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  1. Arun Kumar

    Happens always. I start reading about offers and contests from Microsoft and then stop at …. “Only For US & Canada…” I wonder what stops Microsoft from accepting people from all over the world when everyone is using their software!!!

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