SkyDrive brings support for OCR; can now extract text from images

In the last couple of weeks SkyDrive, the popular cloud storage service from Microsoft has added tons of new and exciting features into it. Today, in another minor update, SkyDrive has teamed up with Bing and added the OCR (optical character recognition) technology to infiltrate texts from your images.

SkyDrive now lets you extract texts from image files

Microsoft has been continually adding new features to SkyDrive. They have previously added some exciting features like support for RAW camera files. Along that, it also supports the file type gif’s – so,┬áno need to worry about saving and storing your favorite memes to your drive anymore. In addition to that the service also has upped its sharing functionality and how it renders it inside the folder.

The popular storage service is not only a backup reservoir where you can put your content, but also is equipped with tools to interact and edit those files. Storing photo is one of the most common things we use the service for. And hence SkyDrive has improved the performance and interactivity of our image files over the last couple of days.

The OCR technology will help you retrieve the text content off any image file that you have shot with your camera. Think of it this way, you are running out of time to note down what your professor has written on the board? Just take a snap of it, and SkyDrive will fetch the content from it, which then if you want can make hard copies of. Not just that but you can also take snapshot of any magazine article, any advertisement you spotted, notice from the noticeboard, your imagination is the limit.

This feature is at present available in English, German, Portuguese and Spanish.

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