Skype gets improved call infrastructure and other new features

Microsoft has modernized Skype with new looks, a new set of features for Android and iOS users and improved call infrastructure. Added are the announcements of new mobile sharing experiences and Skype for Business Mac.

Skype New Features

Improved Call Infrastructureandroid_ui-cropped-768x406

Calling will be simpler in Skype now with a feature of one-tap-calling, may it be the call to a landline/mobile numbers or Skype-to-Skype video or audio call. Adding more to it, the group conversions will now be smoother and uninterrupted even if someone leaves in between.

Skype for Business Mac

Skype for Business on Mac is now available for download with innovative content sharing and viewing features. The new client provides a wonderful Skype experience to the Mac users with features like improved meeting experiences, group video calling, personal notes, full-screen sharing, edge-to-edge video and more. Also, some existing features are now made easier with simplified controls and a fresh new interface.

Skype for Business mobile apps on iOS and Androidskype-for-business-announces-new-mac-client-and-new-mobile-sharing-experiences-2-225x300

No more emailing the files, Android, and iOS mobile users can now present the content right from their mobile devices. With the new and modernized Skype, users can now present the PowerPoint presentation straight from your device or from any of your cloud storage accounts. Easy transition of slides and swipe gestures makes the things easier and faster. Furthermore, Skype also brings Video-based Screen Sharing (VbSS) for the Android and iOS users providing a better content viewing experience.

Modernized voicemail

You can now leave a chat message to the person or group you tried to call. SMS transcription and custom voicemail greetings, however, will now be discontinued.

Skype for Business 2016 Client

Skype for Business Online, the service offered via Office 365 subscription will also come with some significant improvements like the changes in visual elements. The enhancements will, however, start rolling sometime in February 2017.

Some other features like call-kit integration on iOS are lined up for near future.

Check the official blog post to learn more about this.

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